Episode 14: Jeff Atwood (CodingHorror.com) talks about StackOverflow

This week, we talk with Jeff Atwood (of codinghorror.com fame) about his soon to be released developer Q&A site, StackOverflow.com.


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HerdingCode 14: Jeff Atwood (codinghorror.com) talks about StackOverflow[audio:http://herdingcode.com/wp-content/uploads/HerdingCode-0014-Jeff-Atwood-(codinghorror).mp3]

  • Just discovered this and wow, what a blast from the past! Fascinating seeing them accurately predict things like the rise of JS and DOM over Flash and Silverlight.
    Glad SO became the insanely huge resource it is, today! I wonder what he’d have to say about MVC dying out today!

  • Ashhar Hasan

    This was a really enlightening talk although it’s slightly dated. Thanks for this. I’m going through the archives right now.