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Episode 37: Jon Udell

This week on Herding Code, Jon leads a talk with Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jon Udell, about strategies for Internet citizens. That is, making public information available for retrieval and manipulation through structured data feeds and Internet standards.  The group discusses related topics like digital identity and OpenID and shares their thoughts on Oslo, DSLs, dynamic languages like IronPython.

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Episode 37: Jon Udell

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  1. 67 mos, 2 wks ago

    Great show … it still has me thinking. Jon Udell is a great guest. Please have him on again sometime in the future. Also, thanks for mentioning the tip on using yahoo Pipes for Silverlight apps to get around cross domain policy…great idea.

  2. 67 mos, 2 wks ago

    First part of cast was a bit painful. I’m still trying to figure out what Jon means by “data-driven reasoning”. Does that mean that reasoning done before there was digital structured data and RSS feeds wasn’t based on data? That’s a bit presumptuous and naive.

  3. 67 mos ago

    Great show, much different than other shows we are used to (from this and other podcasts). I was particularly interested in the part where you talked about How to get non programmers to program. I am currently working on a personal project to try to bring one solution to this unsolvable (by definition) problem. The approach I am exploring is to get non-programmers build applications, not to program. This is already possible in some ways with the many CMSs, but I try to extend this idea much further.

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