Herding Code 137 – Mass Assignment, New New iPad, JavaScript libraries, Windows 8, Visual Studio, and Sad Trombones

Oh, hey. A discussion show. Haven’t done one of those for a while. Bonus: recorded during the day so K Scott’s awake.

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Herding Code 137: Mass Assignment, New New iPad, JavaScript libraries, Windows 8, Visual Studio, and Sad Trombones[audio:http://herdingcode.com/wp-content/uploads/HerdingCode-0137-Mass-Assignment-New-New-iPad-JavaScript-libraries-Windows-8-Visual-Studio-and-Sad-Trombones.mp3]

Show Notes:

  • K Scott asks everyone’s opinions on the GitHub / Ruby on Rails “mass assignment” debacle.
    • Everyone talks about mass assignment binding issues in MVC frameworks, including Rails and ASP.NET MVC – is this a security issue in the frameworks, or the web developer’s responsibility?
    • Jon says that it’s often tricky to debug negative cases, Kevin says that everything should be secure by default, and Scott K can go either way on it.
  • K Scott asks us all who will buy the new new iPad.
    • Scott K says it struck him that they were limited in demonstrating it by the projection resolution.
    • Kevin wants one.
    • Jon thought it was interesting that Retina isn’t a hard DPI spec, it’s driven by the expected distance the device will be from your eyes – can he get a Retina effect by just sitting far from his desktop monitors?
    • There’s a discussion about the lack of a version number.
    • Jon wonders if that high quality of display will show up on other devices, or if Apple bought all the pixels. Oh, and patents.
    • K Scott asks Kevin if Samsung users laugh at him.
    • Jon says that’s no longer a issue now that software updates brought 4G to this iPhone… magic!
  • Twitter question: What JavaScript libraries is everyone using?
    • Kevin talks about the Mocha JavaScript test framework.
    • Jon mentions Upshot from the ASP.NET Single Page Application framework.
    • K Scott talks about Sylvester and Zoomooz.
    • Scott K talks about tiny libraries like Zepto, Ender, and the Micro.js list.
    • Jon says he likes cdnjs.com for JavaScript library hosting.
  • Scott K talks about the difficulty he had in shutting down Windows 8.
    • Jon says it’s all about search now… and what’s wrong with hitting the start button to power off?
    • Scott K says we’ve been trained for decades not to do that.
    • Jon says this is the biggest shift since Windows 95… there’s a lot of learning and unlearning to do.
  • What about Visual Studio 11?
    • There’s some discussion about the color and design aspects. Should there be color? Metro?
    • Jon says at least it’s a lot faster, and he likes the quick search.
    • Scott K said it worked fine once he figured out what it was for… and maybe there should be fewer items in the menu to begin with.
    • Jon throws out a crazy idea – what about the ribbon interface for Visual Studio and kind of convinces Kevin.
    • Scott K says the memory usage is still way too high. Jon asks if that really matters. After some discussion, Scott K says something’s slow in there.
    • Oh, hey, the macro recorder’s gone now. Jon actually used that in Visual Studio recently.
    • Kevin asks if there’s really no way to customize the install anymore. The gang all agree they don’t want to install stuff like C++ and VSTO. Jon says the blog post says that few people actually customize the installation, but Scott K doesn’t believe it.
    • Scott K runs through some fun issues on the Visual Studio UserVoice.
    • Kevin put up a bajillion issues on Connect long ago, most are Closed – Won’t Fix.
  • Jon talks about a post about 24 bit / 192 khz audio he read. Nobody seems to care all that much.
  • Jon asks everyone what they’ve been up to.
    • K Scott’s travelling around and working on project that’s Ruby / Mongo on the backend and ASP.NET MVC on the front end. This freaks Kevin out.
    • Jon’s been working on ASP.NET MVC / Web API release stuff and hacking on Code52 project late at night.
    • Scott K spoke recently at NodePDX on is doing a bunch of crazy stuff at work around deployment.
    • Kevin remembers what a DSN is when nobody else does.
  • Somebody sneaks in a Sad Trombone. Jon is unable to figure out who is playing tricks and motions to adjourn.


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  • Guest

    You can hear the restraint in everyone’s voices when they’re talking about the new Visual Studio UI. Like they don’t want to say what everyone else (not working for Microsoft) is saying: “This is ugly as sin”.