Herding Code 72: Questioning Uncle Bob, Clojure Magic, Mercurial Support at Codeplex, Thoughts About the iPad and Handerpants

This week on Herding Code, the gang discusses Uncle Bob’s self-titled blatherings about DI, IoC and Mocking, Clojure and polyglot programming, managed javascript, and recent support for Mercurial at Codeplex. The show finishes up with another K Scott Lightning Round with questions about the iPad and non-technical blog recommendations.

  • Uncle Bob recently published two articles which are a little down on DI, IoC and Mocking. Was he merely trying to get a rise out of the community or was he sending a subtle message about poor use of our tools?
  • K Scott attended Craig Andera’s Clojure Presentation at a recent DC Alt.NET meet up. This sparks a discussion about Clojure Magic – functional programming, transactional memory, concurrency and multi-threaded programming.
  • The guys talk about the polyglot programmer, Scala running on the JVM and Java interop. Scott K shares his interest in getting a Clojure, Scala and F# guy in the same room and Kevin gives his thoughts about the language explosion.
  • Scott K leads a conversation about managed javascript, node.js, and IronJS.
  • The group offers their opinions on Codeplex support for Mercurial and address questions like “Why not Git?” and “Does this make Codeplex more appealing?”
  • Lightning Round Question #1: Who’s going to buy an iPad?
  • Lightning Round Question #2: What non-technical blogs do you read?

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Herding Code 72: Questioning Uncle Bob, Clojure Magic, Mercurial Support at Codeplex, Thoughts About the iPad and Handerpants

  • I don’t use mocking Frameworks. I don’t use DI Frameworks. I don’t frameworks to do either period. When I paired with 8th Light, we mocked custom mocks, and injection was through well…interfaces! duh. You don’t need frameworks for either. I think it’s because you’re .NET devs and you don’t know what else to do than to use frameworks..that’s what I think. I should know, that’s why I LEFT .NET and Microsoft. Use a fucking framework for everything is what every .NET dev seems to wanna do and that’s Microsoft’s fault for promoting frameworks for everything…is not cool. http://www.infoq.com/presentations/8-lines-code-refactoring

  • He’s right, if you have to setup more than one mock, you’re breaking SRP in whatever SUT code that’s using more than one collaborator, and you need to refactor to smaller modules. 100% correct. Having more than one mock, means you don’t know wtf your’e doing.