Buy Adipex No Prescription, This week on Herding Code, the guys talk with Vaidy Gopalakrishnan about IIS Developer Express.

  • The show kicks off by explaining the IIS Developer Express name.  Why not just IIS Express. Order Adipex from mexican pharmacy,
  • Vaidy provides an overview of IIS Developer Express and explains it is a lightweight, self-contained version of IIS for web developers.  
  • Vaidy speaks about the WebMatrix which includes IIS Developer Express along with the Razor ViewEngine and SQL 4 Compact Edition, buy Adipex without a prescription. Buy Adipex in canada,
  • K Scott asks about IIS Developer Express and its relationship to ASP.NET Development Server (which you may still be calling Cassini).  Vaidy notes that Express will likely integrate with Visual Studio in the future and responds to a Twitter question asking why wasn’t Cassini further developed rather than building out the new product.
  • Vaidy notes that IIS Developer Express is based off of IIS 7 which triggers a conversation about Hostable Web Core, Adipex price. Where can i buy cheapest Adipex online,
  • K Scott and Jon pepper Vaidy which a number of questions including whether or not MSDeploy will work with IIS Developer Express.
  • The guys review the environments for which IIS Developer Express and WebMetrix are supported, Buy Adipex No Prescription.
  • Vaidy talks about IIS.Net, online buy Adipex without a prescription. Order Adipex,
  • Vaidy walks Jon and K Scott through debugging your .NET web applications with IIS Express.
  • Jon asks about running IIS Express from the command line, order Adipex no prescription. Buy no prescription Adipex online, Vaidy talks about the configuration mode vs the application mode.
  • Buy Adipex No Prescription, Vaidy talks about SSL support, self-signed certificates and custom certificates.
  • Jon asks about IIS Express user interface and how it’s implemented.  Guess what, buy Adipex online cod. Purchase Adipex online no prescription, It’s WPF.
  • Vaidy speaks to IIS Developer Express logging and how it differs from the full version of IIS, purchase Adipex online. Buy Adipex no prescription,
  • K Scott asks if there are IIS Express extensions like FastCGI or UrlRewriting. Vaidy explains that all IIS7 extensions should be compatible except when the extensions were not designed to run on XP, Buy Adipex No Prescription.
  • Jon wants more, order Adipex online c.o.d. Buy cheapest Adipex, What’s next for Vaidy and IIS Developer Express? 
  • The show wraps with talk about distribution and redistribution of WebMatrix and IIS Developer Express.

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            Show notes compiled by Ben Griswold. Thanks!

            Download / Listen:

            Herding Code 89: Vaidy Gopalakrishnan on IIS Developer Express

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