Episode 23: Phil Haack on the ASP.NET MVC Beta Release (part 1)

This is the first half of our interview with Phil Haack on the ASP.NET MVC Beta Release.


  • The MVC Elevator Speech
  • MVC and Codebehind files
  • How MVC differs from Webforms
  • How MVC changes your development process
  • The difficulty in unit testing UI
  • What’s the threshold for testing your programs?
  • The File / New / MVC experience
  • How MVC is built for extensibility
  • How MVC is stress tested
  • Is there a controls story for MVC?

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Herding Code 23: Phil Haack on the ASP.NET MVC Beta Release (part 1)

Episode 22: Brad Abrams and Tim Heuer on the Silverlight 2 Release

This week we talk to Brad Abrams and Tim Heuer about the Silverlight 2 release.


  • What’s new?
  • The releationship between the DLR and Silverlight 2
  • The Eclipse for Silverlight development
  • The Open Specification Promise for XAML
  • Progress on Mono / Moonlight
  • The elevator speech on Silverlight
  • How Silverlight fits in with AJAX
  • Can Silverlight support separation of concerns and testability?
  • Will Microsoft be shipping frameworks for Silverlight?
  • Will Silverlight support offline scenarios
  • Silverlight as a “line of business” platform
  • The WPF / Silverlight connection
  • The Silverlight open source community
  • The Flash question
  • The casual gaming market
  • Silverlight performance vs. Javascript
  • Speculation on Silverlight 3 features…
  • The non-Windows development experience
  • The Silverlight story for iPhone and other mobile platforms

Questions from listeners

  • What’s the story on Prism for Silverlight 2? What’s the story for enterprise Apps? (Chris Bilson)
  • What’s being done to encourage enterprise adoption, in a climate where many enterprise shops are still on IE6? (Eric Kemp)
  • What’s IE’s relationship with Silverlight? (Matt Hamilton)

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Herding Code 22: Brad Abrams and Tim Heuer on the Silverlight 2 Release

Episode 21: Real World Development

This week Jon leads a discussion of real world development. We talk about how our development practices in our jobs and personal projects match up with the way we’re “supposed to be” developing. Topics:

  • What are the non-negotiable practices that we always use on any code we write?
  • Jon isn’t always Test Driven. Does that make him a bad person?
  • Where do code reuse and maintainability stack up when it comes to other real world priorities, like hard deadlines and short technology lifespans?
  • Is there a place for “forms over data” development? How about System.DraggyDroppy?

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Herding Code 21: Real World Development

Episode 20: Ted Leung on open source in the corporate world

This week we talk to Ted Leung. Ted works on dynamic languages and tools at Sun Microsystems and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation. We discussed a variety of issues, including:

  • Ted’s wild ride through Apple, Apache, the Open Source Application Foundation, and Sun
  • How open source development can benefit software companies as well as the development community
  • How open source has worked for Apple, Sun, and IBM
  • Microsoft and open source
  • JavaFX
  • Chandler: what is it, what it does well, and where it disappoints

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Herding Code 20: Ted Leung on Open Source in the corporate world