Herding Code 228: 2017 Wrap Up with Microservices, .NET Foundation, Mixed Reality, Bitcoin, Alexa

Download / Listen: Herding Code 228: 2017 Wrap Up with Microservices, .NET Foundation, Mixed Reality, Bitcoin, Alexa

The gang gets together to talk about what they’ve been up to, year end wrap-up, and some random odds and ends.


  • K Scott’s been focused on cloud stuff – moving apps to the cloud. Kevin’s been working with rearchitecting an application to Node based microservices. They’re using Docker some in dev, but not in production. There’s a discussion about Docker based deployments.
  • Jon talks about what’s been going on with .NET Foundation: Meetup Pro, new projects joining, etc. Kevin makes Jon explain what the .NET Foundation actually is.
  • Mixed Reality – What can you actually do with it? The guys wonder if it’s neat but niche, comparing it to Kinect and the Segway.
  • Cryptocurrency!
    • Jon talks about how he accidentally ended up with $250ish in Bitcoin and $10 Dogecoin.
    • The Bitcoin Pizza, Scott Hanselman’s $3500 USB cable.
    • K Scott never bought any because he didn’t need to buy meth or pay off a hitman.
    • Jon wondered if he could make money mining Bitcoin with solar power, but the internet told him no.
    • K Scott’s OdeToCode.com website was mining Bitcoin, he claims it wasn’t him.
  • Jon talks about how the Herding Code site was hacked.
  • Net Neutrality: Does public opinion matter? What will the result be? Jon and K Scott bemoan the fact that many consumers don’t really have much choice on internet providers.
  • iPhone discussions: Does the notch matter? Kevin misses the home button. The guys talk about how touch gestures are sometimes frustrating.
  • Alexa and voice based commands: what works, what doesn’t?

Herding Code 227: Rob Ashton on Better Coffee Through Science

Download / Listen: Herding Code 227: Rob Ashton on on Better Coffee Through Science

While at NDC Oslo, Jon talked to Rob about how he and the Tame Baristas crew make amazing coffee.


  • What’s the deal with Tame Baristas and making coffee at software conventions?
  • Ensuring consistency – precise weights, equipment
  • The imporance of a quality coffee grinder (he uses an EK43)
  • Freezing coffee – actually a good thing?!?
  • What’s the deal with pour over coffee?
  • What’s the best way to up your home coffee game on a budget?
  • What do you do when you’re not making coffee? Spoiler: Elm and Erlang.

Herding Code 226: Jon Skeet on .NET at Google and Feminism for Geeks

Download / Listen: Herding Code 226: Jon Skeet on .NET at Google and Feminism for Geeks

Show Notes:

  • .NET at Google
    • (00:17) Jon G asks Jon Skeet about what he does at Google and how it relates to .NET. Jon’s working to make the Google Cloud Platform great for .NET developers. This is two-fold: if you’re a .NET developer he’d like GCP to be a great place for you to host applications, and if you’re a GCP developer he’d like .NET to be an obvious choice for you to build your applications.
    • (01:50) Jon G asks about what languages GCP supports, and how .NET fits in. Jon Skeet says it’s an obvious fit on the server-side, and he also sees that .NET has a great cross-platform and device story for clients. .NET Core landed at a great time for them to embrace it.
    • (03:59) K Scott asks what came first: the decision to embrace .NET, or .NET going open-source / cross-platform.
    • (05:15) Jon G asks for a quick Google Cloud Platform for Azure developers overview.
  • Feminism for Geeks
    • (08:22) K Scott asks about Jon Skeet’s “Code Like A Girl” shirt. Jon S talks about his recent interest in feminism. Jon Skeet talks about
    • (12:35) Jon G talks about worries about “doing the wrong thing” in trying to help. Jon Skeet talks about lessons he’s learned and gives some great advice.