Episode 9: Rob Conery on SubSonic, MVC Storefront, and the Silverlight Ninja Squad

This week, we catch up with Rob Conery. Topics:

  1. SubSonic 2.1
  2. Where SubSonic fits in the Microsoft data access tools explosion
  3. Why LINQ to SubSonic is so durn tricky
  4. MVC Storefront – has it made Rob a TDD believer
  5. What else is Rob up to at Microsoft


Download / Listen:

Episode 9: Rob Conery on SubSonic, MVC Storefront, and the Silverlight Ninja Squad

Episode 8: Virtual Machines

This week, we discuss the use of virtual machines in software development. Topics:

  1. Industry trends
  2. VMware vs. Virtual PC (and other virtualization technologies)
  3. Should you develop in a VM?
  4. VM Tips and tricks


Download / Listen:

Herding Code 8: Virtual Machines

Episode 7: Why Don’t Startups Run On Microsoft?

In this episode of Herding Code, we discuss the pro’s and con’s of building a startup on the Microsoft stack. We talk about a lot of issues:

  1. Licensing cost
  2. Availability and cost of developers
  3. Development environments and tools
  4. Relative costs of software vs. development time
  5. Thoughts on whether Microsoft should ship Visual Studio Express with Windows
  6. Those few companies who start on one stack and switch as they get larger
  7. How, in the end, it all comes down to execution

Along the way, K. Scott regales us with the tale of his run-in with the FBI, flees the podcast, and finds a way to sneak back on the call. Shenanigans!

Herding Code 7: Why don’t startups run on Microsoft? (Download)

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Episode 5: Firefox 3

Show #5 – Topics

  1. Firefox 3… that’s it

Listen / Downlad

Herding Code 5: Firefox 3 Release


The Name, The Feed, etc.

This is our last podcast hosting the audio on SkyDrive, I promise. I’d planned to take care of it last weekend and a family emergency… um… emerged. You can help! Please take our super quick survey to vote on a name for our podcast.

I’d hoped we could use SkyDrive to host the audio and set up a nice podcast feed on top of it via FeedBurner, but it turns out that SkyDrive doesn’t send the media type with MP3 enclosures in a way Feedburner expects, so that’s out. I’m looking into other hosting options, please comment in our survey if you’ve got any recommendations. We’ve been wanting to keep our costs down so we have the option of continuing long term without requiring sponsorship, but we’ll get our site set up for you for next week’s podcast. Honest.

The Audio

I think we finally nailed the audio this week. Thanks to Joe Pruitt and others for some great suggestions on how to set this up.