Episode 2: AJAX Frameworks

Last week I posted the first in a new podcast series with K. Scott Allen (a.k.a. OdeToCode), Scott Koon (a.k.a. LazyCoder), and Kevin Dente. We got some great feedback, but we decided to ignore it and continue the podcast. So here’s another one!

But seriously, this one’s a lot shorter (too short?) and you’ll hopefully find the sound quality’s improved. We’ve also heard from several people that, while it’s easy for a group of geeks to criticize anything and everything, that doesn’t necessarily transfer into useful information.

Show #2 – Topics

  1. Google’s announcement that they’ll host several popular AJAX libraries
  3. AJAX Control Toolkit
  4. Misc. IE8 issues, including changes to how they’ll handle JavaScript loading

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Herding Code 2: AJAX Frameworks