Episode 28: Miguel de Icaza (part 1)

This week we talk with Miguel de Icaza about Mono, Moonlight, and other fun stuff.


  • Overview and update on Mono
  • Mono’s roots as a tool for desktop applications on Gnome / Linux
  • The need for a package manager in Windows
  • Managed operating systems (like Microsoft Research Singularity)
  • New areas of focus for Mono – portability and extension
  • Mono’s use in cross-platform gaming
  • SIMD optimizations in Mono
  • Mono’s implementation of the C# compiler as a service
  • How the Mono team determines what to work on next
  • Breaking changes in public API’s
  • Framework design
  • Mono’s relationship with Microsoft
  • The state of Linux desktop application development
  • Silverlight as a platform for desktop applications
  • When will Moonlight ship?
  • The challenges of building the Mono compiler
  • The Linear IL compiler enhancements in Mono 2.0

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Herding Code 28: Miguel de Icaza (part 1)