Episode 31: Chad Myers and Jeremy Miller on FubuMVC

This week we talk to Chad Myers and Jeremy Miller about the FubuMVC project.Topics

  • What is FubuMVC?
  • History of the project
  • Built to take advantage of static typing
  • Composition over inheritance
  • Dependency injection tricks
  • IFlattener<T> for JSONification
  • Application of SOLID prinicples in FubuMVC and AltOxite
  • View engines
  • TextboxFor and no magic strings – advantages for refactoring support
  • Thin controllers, fat models
  • FubuMVC as the Ruby On Rails for ASP.NET
  • Benefits and problems of using generics for static typing
  • Use of meaningful generic type names rather than <T,U,K> ugliness
  • Testing tools for Javascript
  • FubuMVC’s Behaviors
  • Partial rendering strategies
  • Why they’re using NHibernate for AltOxite
  • IOC benefits
  • Strategies for Javascript management
  • qUnit for Javascript unit testing
  • How do I sell this to my boss?
  • Why FubuMVC as opposed to Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC?
  • Why MVC isn’t just classic ASP revisited
  • Benefit of FubuMVC – removing choices through opinions
  • Ways an open source MVC framework keep up with Microsoft
  • FubuMVC futures and misc. benefits
  • Use of Rake as a build script