Herding Code 112: Josh Arnold and Jeremy Miller on FubuMVC

This episode of Herding Code the guys talk to Josh Arnold and Jeremy Miller about what’s new with FubuMVC.

  • Jeremy Miller explains why FubuMVC "deserves to exist" and explains how compositional architecture and conventions help in building complex systems.
  • Josh talks about how FubuMVC diagnostics help in understanding how the conventions are being applied how FubuMVC is working.
  • Jon asks about how behavior chains work, and how they relate to routes. Jeremy and Josh explain how behaviors work and how they allow you to extend policies and conventions when you need to.
  • Jon asks how routes work, and Jeremy explains how they can be configured at a few different levels.
  • Jeremy talks about how FubuMVC is built to leverage static features in .NET through strong typing and leveraging the type system as much as is possible.
  • Josh and Jeremy talk about the advanced diagnostics which have recently been added to FubuMVC.
  • Jon asks how FubuMVC diagnostics compare to Glimpse.
  • Jeremy talks about the new packaging system, and how it can be used to apply complex and extensive changes just by dropping them into your application.
  • Scott K asks how the new packaging system relates to NuGet and OpenWrap, and Jeremy explains how the two are complimentary.
  • Jeremy and Josh talk about how their complex requirements in their active projects have driven FubuMVC’s features.
  • There’s a discussion of view engines – what’s supported, what they’re currently using in their projects.
  • Jeremy talks about how FubuMVC uses HTML conventions, how HtmlTags work, and how you can use jQuery-like chaining to reuse conventions.
  • Jeremy talks about how authorization works with the behavior chains. Scott K asks if this can be applied at the action level rather than at the UI level, and Jeremy explains the endpoint service.
  • We wrap up with a mention of Pablo’s Fiesta, this Sept 30 – Oct 2 in Austin, TX.

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Herding Code 112: Josh Arnold and Jeremy Miller on FubuMVC