Herding Code 137 – Mass Assignment, New New iPad, JavaScript libraries, Windows 8, Visual Studio, and Sad Trombones

Oh, hey. A discussion show. Haven’t done one of those for a while. Bonus: recorded during the day so K Scott’s awake.

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Herding Code 137: Mass Assignment, New New iPad, JavaScript libraries, Windows 8, Visual Studio, and Sad Trombones[audio://herdingcode.com/wp-content/uploads/HerdingCode-0137-Mass-Assignment-New-New-iPad-JavaScript-libraries-Windows-8-Visual-Studio-and-Sad-Trombones.mp3]

Show Notes:

  • K Scott asks everyone’s opinions on the GitHub / Ruby on Rails “mass assignment” debacle.
    • Everyone talks about mass assignment binding issues in MVC frameworks, including Rails and ASP.NET MVC – is this a security issue in the frameworks, or the web developer’s responsibility?
    • Jon says that it’s often tricky to debug negative cases, Kevin says that everything should be secure by default, and Scott K can go either way on it.
  • K Scott asks us all who will buy the new new iPad.
    • Scott K says it struck him that they were limited in demonstrating it by the projection resolution.
    • Kevin wants one.
    • Jon thought it was interesting that Retina isn’t a hard DPI spec, it’s driven by the expected distance the device will be from your eyes – can he get a Retina effect by just sitting far from his desktop monitors?
    • There’s a discussion about the lack of a version number.
    • Jon wonders if that high quality of display will show up on other devices, or if Apple bought all the pixels. Oh, and patents.
    • K Scott asks Kevin if Samsung users laugh at him.
    • Jon says that’s no longer a issue now that software updates brought 4G to this iPhone… magic!
  • Twitter question: What JavaScript libraries is everyone using?
    • Kevin talks about the Mocha JavaScript test framework.
    • Jon mentions Upshot from the ASP.NET Single Page Application framework.
    • K Scott talks about Sylvester and Zoomooz.
    • Scott K talks about tiny libraries like Zepto, Ender, and the Micro.js list.
    • Jon says he likes cdnjs.com for JavaScript library hosting.
  • Scott K talks about the difficulty he had in shutting down Windows 8.
    • Jon says it’s all about search now… and what’s wrong with hitting the start button to power off?
    • Scott K says we’ve been trained for decades not to do that.
    • Jon says this is the biggest shift since Windows 95… there’s a lot of learning and unlearning to do.
  • What about Visual Studio 11?
    • There’s some discussion about the color and design aspects. Should there be color? Metro?
    • Jon says at least it’s a lot faster, and he likes the quick search.
    • Scott K said it worked fine once he figured out what it was for… and maybe there should be fewer items in the menu to begin with.
    • Jon throws out a crazy idea – what about the ribbon interface for Visual Studio and kind of convinces Kevin.
    • Scott K says the memory usage is still way too high. Jon asks if that really matters. After some discussion, Scott K says something’s slow in there.
    • Oh, hey, the macro recorder’s gone now. Jon actually used that in Visual Studio recently.
    • Kevin asks if there’s really no way to customize the install anymore. The gang all agree they don’t want to install stuff like C++ and VSTO. Jon says the blog post says that few people actually customize the installation, but Scott K doesn’t believe it.
    • Scott K runs through some fun issues on the Visual Studio UserVoice.
    • Kevin put up a bajillion issues on Connect long ago, most are Closed – Won’t Fix.
  • Jon talks about a post about 24 bit / 192 khz audio he read. Nobody seems to care all that much.
  • Jon asks everyone what they’ve been up to.
    • K Scott’s travelling around and working on project that’s Ruby / Mongo on the backend and ASP.NET MVC on the front end. This freaks Kevin out.
    • Jon’s been working on ASP.NET MVC / Web API release stuff and hacking on Code52 project late at night.
    • Scott K spoke recently at NodePDX on is doing a bunch of crazy stuff at work around deployment.
    • Kevin remembers what a DSN is when nobody else does.
  • Somebody sneaks in a Sad Trombone. Jon is unable to figure out who is playing tricks and motions to adjourn.


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