Herding Code 139 – Lightning Round with Roy Osherove on his new book, Notes to a software team leader

While at Software Passion Summit, K Scott continues a series of lightning round interviews with Roy Osherove discussing Roy’s new book, Notes to a software team leader.

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Herding Code 139 – Lightning Round with Roy Osherove [audio://herdingcode.com/wp-content/uploads/HerdingCode-0139-Roy-Osherove.mp3]

Show Notes:

  • K Scott asks Roy about his new book.
  • Roy talks about the LeanPub approach.
  • Roy describes the two parts of the book – elastic leadership and community contributions featuring notes from team leaders.
  • K Scott says that our industry often throws developers into leadership positions, and the transition can be difficult. Roy agrees, and says these are the notes he’d wished he had when he was a new leader. Back then he thought he was doing a good job, and was having fun, but wasn’t really doing his job.
  • Roy talks about how he got started, explaining how his passion is at the crossroads of where people and software meet. This book is coming out because it needs to come out – it’s a missing book.
  • Different team phases require different leadership types, describing his elastic leadership approach that deals with the three phases he’s observed:
    • Chaos phase
    • Learning phase
    • Self organizing team
  • What are some common mistakes?
    • Not recognizing which phase your team is in
    • Being afraid of talking to people about difficult things
    • Not understanding how to influence behavior
  • That’s it! Scott runs off to tackle some more lightning round interviews.

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