Herding Code 141 – Lightning Round with Hadi Hariri

K Scott wraps up his series of lightning round interviews from Sofware Passion Summit by interviewing Hadi Hariri.

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Herding Code 140 – Lightning Round with Hadi Hariri [audio://herdingcode.com/wp-content/uploads/HerdingCode-0141-Hadi-Hariri.mp3]

Show Notes:

  • K Scott asks Hadi about EasyHttp.
    • Hadi explains some of the problems and annoyances EasyHttp solves.
      • Configuring the web request was a pain
      • It was annoying to change the data structure of the classes to work with dynamic JSON
    • EasyHttp supports all HTTP verbs (including PATCH and OPTIONS)
    • It works really smoothly with dynamics
    • Hadi talks about a library he used called JsonFx, which he prefers to JSON.NET
  • Hadi says he decided to build out EasyHttp due to his work on YouTrackSharp
  • That’s it! Scott runs off to tackle some more lightning round interviews.
  • K Scott asks about EasyMVC
    • Hadi talks why he created EasyMVC, explaining how the convention based routing works.
    • EasyMVC also includes some filters which use conventions to handle content negotiation.
    • K Scott asks what Hadi thinks about ASP.NET Web API. Hadi says he dislikes it, as it pushes developers towards having separate controllers for HTML and services.
  • K Scott wraps up by asking Hadi about Kotlin.
    • Kotlin is a new language in the JetBrains early access program.
    • Kotlin attempts to improve on some of the shortcoming that JetBrains has seen working with Java.
    • Kotlin is perhaps conceptually similar to Scala, but a lot easy to learn
    • Object oriented with nullable types.
    • Kotlin targets both the JVM and JavaScript
    • It’s open source, and in early alpha phase.
  • That’s it! Hope you liked K Scott’s lightning round interviews!

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