Herding Code 143 – Paul Stack on Continuous Delivery

The guys talk to Paul Stack about Continuous Deployment.

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Herding Code 143 – Paul Stack on Continuous Delivery [audio://herdingcode.com/wp-content/uploads/HerdingCode-0143-Paul-Stack-on-Continuous-Delivery.mp3]

  • K. Scott asks Paul for a description of what Continuous Delivery is.
  • Paul talks about the differences between Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment.
  • Scott brings up the difficulties that databases bring about as it relates to deployments.
  • Paul talks about how a distributed cache layer has helped alleviate those deployment problems for him.
  • Jon asks how these processes lead software to have a better architecture.
  • K. Scott asks how source control plays into the process.
  • Paul talks about feature switching, which can be used to turn features on and off.
  • Paul talks about the benefits of rapid feedback.
  • There is a question from Twitter about databases and data warehousing and PowerShell equivalents of Chef and Puppet.
  • Another question from related to the processes related to deploying with TFS.
  • Scott talks about his experience prototyping Octopus Deploy.
  • Kevin brings up the topic of rollbacks.
  • Paul talks about A/B testing and canary testing.
  • K. Scott asks about pushback on Continuous Delivery.
  • Jon asks if it is possible to incrementally work towards Continuous Delivery.
  • K. Scott asks about the pitfalls of Continuous Delivery.
  • Jon asks if there are teams or situations that Continuous Delivery would not work.
  • K. Scott asks about benchmarking of deployments.
  • Another question from twitter related to Continuous Deployment of desktop software.
  • Paul gives examples of technology making Continuous Delivery easier.
  • Kevin asks if decisions made at the beginning of a project make it harder to implement Continuous Delivery.

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Show notes by @rossfuhrman – thanks!