Herding Code 147 – Jakob Bradford on Organizing NDC Oslo

While at NDC 2012 in Oslo, Jon and K. Scott talked to Jakob Bradford about how the event was organized.

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Herding Code 147 – Jakob Bradford on Organizing NDC Oslo [audio://herdingcode.com/wp-content/uploads/HerdingCode-0147-Jakob-Bradford.mp3]

Show Notes:

  • Jon asks how NDC got started and how it’s grown.
  • K. Scott says that other conferences feel like they’re organized to solve organizers’ problems, while NDC is organized around the attendee experience. Jakob says that’s very intentional.
  • Jon asks how they balance a big conference feel (as NDC continues to grow) while maintaining a personal feel.
  • K. Scott asks for an inside scoop – what were the biggest disasters, or almost disasters? Answer: volcanoes!
  • Jon talks about how much he likes the Overflow (a.k.a. ADD room) and asks how that got started. Jakob said that’s how conferences are done in Norway.
  • K. Scott asks about Aral’s keynote, which began with a musical number.
  • Jon asks about how they select speakers and content.
  • Jon asks about the pre-conference workshops (in the tallest building in Norway!)
  • The entire conference is recorded, available on Vimeo. Jakob says that’s how they get most of their attendees – "Watch the videos a couple years… you will come!"

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The NDC Overflow room: