While at Web Camps London, Jon talks to Saqib Shaikh about how he’s able to develop with limited sight and what developers can do to make our applications more accessible.

  • Saqib talks about his role on the Bing Team, data mining and deep links.
  • Jon and Saqib talk about solving problems with a little help from Twitter.
  • Saqib explains the function of a screen reader and how some people can listen to computers really fast.
  • Jon asks about common frustrations around accessibly when web browsing. Jon considers the tie-in between SEO and accessibility.  The guys dive a little deeper into structuring information, images vs text and learning the few basics.
  • Jon asks if there’s a way to do accessibility analysis? Saqib points to the “Check Accessibility.” option which is available when right-clicking on the web project in VS 2010.  (It’s there. I checked.)
  • Jon and Saqib talk about coding with limited sight. Saqib shares his general techniques.
  • The conversation continues with talk about Microsoft product development and the importance placed on accessibility.
  • The show wraps with Saqib introducing the term “Universal Design” of all things.  As a developer, you want to make your applications for the largest number of people to use. Just keep in mind that “there’s a lot of people in this world, and they’re all a little bit different.” “It’s about making cool stuff for a lot of people.”

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Show notes compiled by Ben Griswold. Thanks!

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Herding Code 86: Saqib Shaikh on Accessibility and Developing with Limited Sight

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