Herding Code 91: Listener-Powered Lightning Round

This week on Herding Code, K Scott, Jon, Kevin, and Scott K field your questions. That’s right – it’s a Listener-Powered Lightning Round! Whether you were interested in their opinions on Microsoft LightSwitch, energy drinks or how the current economic downturn affects quality and craftsmanship, this week’s conversation is being directed by you!

Thanks, listeners, for all of the great questions:

  • @mattcasto – What does the herding code crew think of LightSwitch
  • @detroitpro – What do you know of orchard? w/ @loudej on board it could be something. #HerdingCode
  • @detroitpro – Thoughts on Nu (gems in .NET) #HerdingCode
  • @MachaHack – If you were going to learn to program all over again, what would you do differently?
  • @mattcasto – What’s your favorite energy drink? #herdingCode #lightninground
  • @JimHolmes – Cake or Pie? (In honor of @stevehorn )
  • Ross Jempson – Why all the fuss about Microsoft.Data? 
  • Ross Jempson – How did you get banned from chat.meta.stackoverflow? 
  • Ross Jempson – I have a friend, here in Australia that queued up from 11:30pm one night for 11 hours to get an iphone4.  Is an intervention required?
  • @JimHolmes – Failing cake or pie, do y’all think this downturn gives companies pause to rethink approaches to quality and craftsmanship?

And the show wraps with the prospect of turning urine to gold…

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Herding Code 91: Listener-Powered Lightning Round