Herding Code 94: Silverlight and HTML5

Artwork by Adam Kinney

This week on Herding Code, the guys talk to Adam Kinney and Rick Barraza about how Silverlight fits into a world where HTML5 is finally becoming a reality.

  • Jon asks about Adam and Rick’s opinions on the recent post on the Silverlight Team Blog about the future of Silverlight
  • Adam talks about he sees consumer applications and games as great applications of Silverlight
  • Rick talks about how how some developers are resistant to change, then talks about the longterm evolution of the internet from information provider, to application provider, and finally to operating system
  • Adam and Rick talk about the Wired Article titled The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
  • The talk shifts Silverlight as an application platform, not just a web plugin
  • Jon asks how likely it is to be able to reuse Silverlight across web, phone, and out-of-browser applications
  • Rick talks about The Future of the Internet and How To Stop It
  • The talk shifts to discussion over how cross-platform HTML5 can be when it’s limited by things like video codecs and browser targeting
  • Scott Koon talks about how HTML5 is a loose collection of many different technologies
  • Scott Koon asks where the live Silverlight apps are – he just doesn’t see them in the wild
  • Adam and Rick talks about the advantages of developing in Silverlight vs. HTML5. Rick talks about the lack of tooling for HTML5
  • Kevin asks about the enterprise advantages of Silverlight development
  • The guys talk about the differences between canvas/bitmap graphics vs. SVG/vector graphics
  • Jon and Rick talk about the importance of having access to low level building blocks so you can build what you need
  • Scott K asks what’s left that Silverlight does that HTML5 doesn’t offer. Rick talks about the tooling, Adam talks about consistent cross-browser support.
  • Scott K asks about MVVM and whether Silverlight’s been taken over by architecture astronauts and propellerheads rather than the designers. Adam and Jon talk about how MVVM can make life easier for designers as well.
  • K Scott talks about his experiences with an enterprise Silverlight application
  • Rick talks about being a samurai rather than a swordsman – don’t be married to your tools
  • Rick says that the biggest advantage of Silverlight is that it’s a programming language which was designed for applications rather than HTML which was designed for documents
  • Scott K and Kevin ask whether Silverlight makes sense in public web applications
  • Jon asks Adam and Rick about what they’ve been building with HTML5 and what they like about that development experience
  • Rick and Adam talks about the changing environment and how the rich vs. reach question has changed

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Herding Code 94: Silverlight and HTML5