Herding Code 98: Dale Ragan on Moncai

In the previous episode, when the guys were talking to Jackson Harper about Manos de Mono, he mentioned that Dale Ragan was doing cooking up something really exciting for hosting ASP.NET web applications with support for deployment via Git or Mercurial. So, they called him up and recorded a show right then and there. Jackson stayed on, and we got the scoop on Moncaí. Get the scoop and find out how you can get in on the just announced private beta.

  • Jon asks about where we can keep up with information about SineSignal.
  • There’s a discussion of what Heroku is, and how Moncai relates to Heroku.
  • Dale describes how he the idea got started and how deployment works.
  • What’s a Moncaí? Dale explains.
  • Dale explains how the infrastructure works, with Linux and Mono running in virtual environments.
  • Kevin and Jon ask about how Mono hosting affects ASP.NET support.
  • Jon asks about fractional CPU pricing, which leads to another cool feature – free accounts until you need to scale up.
  • Dale talks about how this compares to other virtual hosting offerings.
  • Jackson (still on the call from last show) jumps in with some info on running Mono from Visual Studio.
  • There’s talk about future possibilities – Mercurial, Windows support (and the complexities with SSH), support for other stacks.
  • Jon asks about the next steps for go-live.
  • Kevin asks about batch jobs, and Dale talks about the extension points for add-on and web hooks.
  • Jackson asks about local file access.
  • Everyone decides that this is really cool, and the show ends.

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Herding Code 98: Dale Ragan on Moncaí