Buy Zopiclone No Prescription, This week on Herding Code, the guys speak with Chris Williams, Rey Bango and Matt Podwysocki about this year's JSConf.

  • Chris begins the show with a conference overview which will leave you chomping at the bit for JSConf 2011 registration to open. Hackers' Lounge. Buy cheap Zopiclone no rx, Multiple tracks. One killer speaker list. Hyper-caffeinated, buy Zopiclone online no prescription, hyper-intoxicated privates. Salmagundi, Buy Zopiclone No Prescription. Where can i order Zopiclone without prescription, And lots of JavaScript.
  • The guests discuss their favorite parts of the conference. Beyond the quality of the talks, buy Zopiclone in canada, Rey and Chris both comment about the invaluable conversations which were had out-of-session in the Hacker's Lounge and at the ScurvyConf. Online buy Zopiclone without a prescription, Quote of the Show: "I am a firm believer of drinking beer, and shooting the poop, and when you do that, Zopiclone from canadian pharmacy, magic happens." - Chris Williams
  • Chris talks about the excitement around Tobias Schneirder's presentation on Gordon, Buy no prescription Zopiclone online, an open source Flash runtime written in pure JavaScript.
  • Buy Zopiclone No Prescription, The guys talk about Alex Russell and Google Chrome Frame and how IE6 must Die.
  • Chris praises Billy Hoffman's JavaScript's Evil Side presentation.
  • K Scott and Chris talk about JavaScript outside of the browser and functional programming, buy cheapest Zopiclone,
  • Chris and Scott K talk about a seemingly new found interest in Server-side JS
  • Jon asks about JS library duplication in competing platforms. Purchase Zopiclone online, Rey talks about what Resig has done with Sizzle and how each library has their own niche.
  • Chris talks about the need to learn JavaScript and how we should be JavaScript developers, not just developers who use JavaScript libraries, where can i buy cheapest Zopiclone online.
  • Matt teases us by mentioning that he'll be talking about Reactive Extensions on next week's Herding Code episode, Buy Zopiclone No Prescription.
  • Jon asks which percentage of cool JavaScript stuff is just waiting on browser adoption.  Chris doesn't think too much and prompts Matt talks about progressive enhancements. Zopiclone pharmacy,
  • Chris talks about the importance of security and how we shouldn't only be taught how to write good code but also how to break bad code.
  • Kevin asks what is happening with JavaScript, the language itself, Zopiclone over the counter.
  • The show wraps with talk of diversity in computing, Where can i find Zopiclone online, JSConf EU, JQuery Conference, JQuery UI 1.8 release, rx free Zopiclone, JavaScript conferences and craft beers in the D.C. Order Zopiclone, area.

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Show notes compiled by Ben Griswold. Thanks!

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Herding Code 79: JSConf Recap with Chris Williams, Rey Bango and Matt Podwysocki

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