Herding Code 107: Apple Subscription fees, Nokia, Reflector, Mono, Watson, CardSpace, and IE9 RC

In this episode of Herding Code, the guys talk nonsense for over an hour.

  • Topic: The Apple Store 30% fee for App Subscriptions – who’s surprised, what apps will it affect, etc.
  • The conversation shifts to Kindle, and whether content focused apps can move to HTML only.
  • Topic: Windows Mobile deal with Nokia – will it help?
  • K Scott thinks it’s very late for both parties.
  • Jon doesn’t think there’s much loyalty in the smartphone market since people get a new phone every few years.
  • There’s some discussion about where this leaves the enterprise phone market. Kevin thinks that Microsoft should just have focused on the enterprise.
  • Topic: Reflector – was free, was going to be free forever, but now it’s not.
  • Kevin and K Scott talk about how bad it is from a community perspective.
  • Kevin wonders how many developers or updates are required to keep Reflector going?
  • Jon, K Scott, and Kevin talk about what they use Reflector for.
  • The guys talk about open source alternative – IL Spy, Cecil based disassemblers, JetBrains’s new decompiler.
  • Kevin and Jon talk about why a $35 cost is a bigger problem than it sounds like.
  • Topic: Mono 2.10 and Moonlight 4 Preview 1 released – what does it mean?!
  • Topic: Watson plays Jeopardy. Jon asks if it just called into Wolfram Alpha, and K Scott wonders if has a Sean Conery mode.
  • Topic: CardSpace 2.0 won’t be shipped. Nobody but Jon cares.
  • Scott K talks about the LastPass. Jon asks how that work on different computers, mobile, etc.
  • Topic: Internet Explorer 9 RC is out
  • Jon talks about how IE9RC works better with Visual Studio now.
  • Jon likes the simplified UI, but talks about a few of the annoyances he’s run into.
  • Jon and Kevin talk about the tab UI handling.
  • Jon talks about how some sites break on JavaScript
  • Scott K brings up the blog post from Mozilla asking if IE9 is a modern browser.
  • The guys talk about IE9 supported features, general HTML5 support across browsers, etc.
  • Kevin says that the biggest problem with IE is the slow ship cycle. Kevin and Scott K discuss the possibility of splitting out an enterprise browser.
  • Kevin talks about the GPU acceleration in IE9 and how he thinks it’s overblown.
  • Jon talks about the lack of XP support for IE9.
  • The guys talk about how they wish there was an IE6 standalone.

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Herding Code 107: Apple Subscription fees, Nokia, Reflector, Mono, Watson, CardSpace, and IE9 RC


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