In this episode, Jon Galloway, Kevin Dente and guest host John Sheehan talk to Rob Reynolds about Chocolatey (a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get for Windows), as well as Rob’s Chuck Norris frameworks for project setup, management, deployment, and more.

  • Rob talks about how Nu helped shape the direction of NuGet.
  • Chocolatey is a tool for installing system wide applications such as Notepad++ or Git.
  • Rob explains that it is built in PowerShell on top of NuGet.
  • The guys talk about the simple process to install Chocolatey and install an application.
  • Rob explains how Chocolatey was born.
  • John S. asks what the process is to create a new Chocolatey package.
  • The PowerShell command to install Chocolatey is: iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(“”))
  • Jon G. asks what Chocolatey does behind the scenes when installing a package.
  • Jon G. asks how to use Chocolatey to uninstall software Chocolatey installed.
  • John S. asks if Chocolatey has been used in a way that wasn’t expected.
  • The guys discuss the various ways of setting up a process to install multiple packages at once.
  • Rob explains the difference between Chocolatey and Ninite.
  • Kevin asks about the silent installs and how it works if the application doesn’t support silent installs.
  • Kevin asks about the update story.
  • The guys discuss learning and understanding PowerShell.
  • Rob discusses the Chocolatey integration with Web Platform Installer.
  • John S. asks about the reason behind writing Chocolatey in PowerShell.
  • Kevin asks about Microsoft’s package manager, CoApp and how it relates to and is different from Chocolatey.
  • John S. and Rob discuss how Chef, Puppet and Chocolatey could be used to spin up a new machine for a production deployment.
  • Kevin asks about the fact that Rob is the owner of most of the Chocolatey packages and how he keeps track of updates to all those packages.
  • Rob talks about the Chuck Norris framework and the following components of the framework:
  • WarmuP -allows you to define templates for entire projects and change them as technology changes and you learn new things.
  • UppercuT – is a conventional automated .NET build framework (templated NAnt). UppercuT is the insanely easy to use build framework.
  • RoundhousE – is an automated database deployment (change management) system that allows you to use your current idioms and gain much more.
  • DropkicK – is a fluent deployment framework that seeks to make deployments easier.
  • Jon asks if the company Rob and Dru worked for when they were working on these projects was receptive to their open source development.
  • Rob will be speaking on NuGet at CodeMash (it’s sold out) in January.

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Herding Code 128: Rob Reynolds on Chocolatey and the Chuck Norris Frameworks

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This week’s show notes were typed up by @RossFuhrman – Thanks!!!