Herding Code 130: Dave Weaver on Loggr – a realtime analytics service built with MVC, MongoDB and SignalR

In this episode, Jon Galloway and Kevin Dente talk to Dave Weaver about Loggr, a complete logging, analytics and notification system that will easily bolt on to your application.

  • Dave runs Markkup, a consulting company and is building Loggr, SaaS application that provides real time logging and monitoring.
  • He was one of the founders of Chili!Soft, which was an implementation of Classic ASP that ran on Linux, Solaris, IBM software, and Windows.
  • Dave tells the story behind Chili!Soft, which is now Sun Java System Active Server Pages.
  • Dave goes into the main features/benefits of Loggr.
  • Jon asks about reports and queries provided by Loggr.
  • Dave mentions there is an HTML5 version of the dashboard that works well on a tablet as well as an iPhone app. There is also an Android app in the works.
  • Jon and Dave discuss the freemium model that Loggr employs.
  • The guys move to talking about the stack that Loggr is developed on.
  • It is built on ASP.NET MVC2.
  • It uses Backbone.js for the client side JavaScript.
  • MongoDB is used as the database.
  • SignalR is used for the client-server communication to provide live user monitoring.
  • Kevin asks about the decision to build a startup on the .NET platform.
  • The guys touch on the VB.NET vs C# debate.
  • Jon asks about the backup/redundancy story for MongoDB.
  • Dave talks about the HTML5 client vs the native iOS app vs the Android app.
  • Jon asks about the experience developing the iOS and Android apps.
  • There are agents for .NET, Java, ColdFusion, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript.
  • You can configure log4net to log to Loggr.
  • Dave mentions Loggr uses Rapleaf to display demographics for a user, such as age and gender.
  • Loggr also uses FullContact to display the social networks and avatars of a user.
  • Jon asks Dave for advice for anyone interested in starting a similar venture.
  • Jon asks about the Loggr road map.
  • Jon asks about the business and marketing side of Loggr.
  • Jon asks if any companies are leveraging the Loggr APIs to create other offerings.
  • Jon asks if there is any demand for customers to host Loggr internally.
  • Kevin asks if there have been any issues related to versions of the Loggr APIs.
  • Kevin asks about downtime and SLAs.
  • Jon asks about the process to get started with Loggr.

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Herding Code 130: Dave Weaver on Loggr – a realtime analytics service built with MVC MongoDB and SignalR


This week’s show notes were typed up by @RossFuhrman – Thanks!!!