Herding Code 208: Chris Klug on SOLID principles and migrating from Silverlight to Angular and TypeScript

While at NDC Oslo, K Scott and Jon talked to Chris Klug about pragmatically applying SOLID principles and on moving from Silverlight to HTML5.

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Show Notes:

  • Hello There
    • (00:18) Jon says hi to Chris Klug and mispronounces his name and feels bad about it but Chris is understanding and lets it go.
  • SOLID principles and Pragmatism
    • (00:27) Chris has been doing SOLID talks for a while, but this time he spoke about when to use SOLID principles and when not to. However, open-closed and Liskov substitution principle are both examples that might not fit into all scenarios. Chris says if you go full-SOLID you might never ship anything… and shipping is a good feature, too.
    • (01:28) Jon asks Chris if he gets some pushback. Chris says he does, from both sides.
    • (02:20) K Scott asks Chris about how he applies the Single Responsibility Principle.
  • Migrating from Silverlight to Angular and TypeScript
    • (03:35) K Scott asks Chris about the kind of projects he’s building lately. Chris mentions one project moving from Silverlight to Angular, another moving form WPF to Angular. He’s found that patterns he used in Silverlight development – MVVM, dependency injection, data services – translate really well to Angular. The only downside is moving from C# to JavaScript, so he’s using TypeScript a lot now. He recommends starting with JavaScript so you learn the platform, then move to TypeScript.
    • (05:44) K Scott asks Chris if he’d always use TypeScript. Chris says maybe not for simple projects, since TypeScript makes things a little more complicated due to the transpiler step. But the type safety’s really nice for any larger project.
    • (06:28) Jon says he thinks that Silverlight was a good bridge to HTML5 since it let you get started with things like video on the web long before HTML5 supported them. Chris kind of agrees, but points out that HTML5 video still doesn’t support DRM, and he still prefers XAML to HTML and CSS.
    • (08:22) Jon asks what Chris would recommend to developers who are starting on the transition from XAML to HTML5. Chris says just jump in and get started – probably using Angular and TypeScript. It’s really not that hard once you get started.
  • Kite surfing and being a rock star
    • (09:00) Jon asks Chris what he does for fun in his free time. Chris says he’s a kite boarder, which is a little tricky because he lives in Stockholm.
    • (09:42) Jon asks Chris about his picture from the NDC speakers page, and Chris tells the story.
    • (10:24) K Scott asks Chris about the best spots he’s been kite boarding, and Chris mentions a few in South Africa. 

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