Herding Code 55: Nate Kohari brings Your Moment of Zen

Nate Kohari? Kanban Boards? Continuous Improvement? Zen? Stop right there! We know what you’re thinking.  You already heard this episode about three weeks ago on that other podcast, right?  Well, think again, because this week on Herding Code, the guys pick up where that interview left off.  Listen in as Nate Kohari, the creator of Ninject, talks about the technical nuts and business bolts of his new startup. Find out why Nate choose to build his online product predominantly on a Microsoft stack, how the site is going to scale, how he processes payments, and much, much more, this week on Herding Code.

  • Kevin sets the tone of the show and notes that the guys are going to steer clear of the questions already addressed on a recent Hanselman show.  This talk will focus on technical and startup details.
  • Nate comments on why he build his application using the Microsoft stack.  After all, most startups don’t chose this path. 
  • The guys talk about multiple browser support, jQuery, jQuery Plugins, CSS and Firefox Add-ons.
  • Jon asks about architectural patterns.  Nate talks about ASP.NET MVC with the Spark View Engine.
  • Kevin asks about online payment integration? Was it painful?
  • Nate discusses hosting and scalability.
  • Scott K asks about the brains behind the operation and how her background may have inspired Zen’s UI and overall flow.
  • Kevin asks Nate for any “words of wisdom” for those thinking about launching a startup.
  • Kevin wraps up the show asking Nate about what’s to come with Ninject and Zen.

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Herding Code 55: Nate Kohari brings Your Moment of Zen


Show notes compiled by Ben Griswold. Thanks!