Herding Code 54: Rob Conery interviews the Herding Code guys

Let’s keep the party going! In this very special episode of Herding Code, Rob Conery puts Jon, Scott K and Kevin on the spot as he turns the tables and asks his own questions and passes his own judgments. Do you want to know how Herding Code came about? Are you curious how Rob and the guys feel Herding Code differs from the other podcasts? Have you ever wondered how the Herding Code members might map to the cast of The View? All in good fun, Rob derails the show and gives us a behind the scenes look into Herding Code productions.

  • The guys try to explain the value of Twitter to Rob. “Twitter makes me more productive.” “You must cultivate your network.” “It is all about who you follow.” “Twitter is a fishing net.” “I can quit at anytime.”
  • Jon shares how Herding Code started with an inadvertent Skype conversation.
  • Scott K talks about Herding Code’s diverse guest list which doesn’t consist of the usual list of suspects which might be regulars on other shows.
  • The Kevin Dente Roast continues…
  • Rob compares the Herding Code with The View, identifies each cast members role and announces that Herding Code needs to build in the happy hour aspect of podcasting. Have another beer, Rob.
  • Jon talks about cannibalism and attacking oneself.
  • The guys discuss Rob’s new spokesmodel spokesman position at Microsoft, ongoing Kona development and a bit about community outreach.
  • Are you missing K Scott? Tune into this week’s show to find out what he’s doing now. You may be utterly surprised.

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Herding Code 54: Rob Conery interviews the Herding Code guys


Show notes compiled by Ben Griswold. Thanks!