Herding Code 53: SubSonic 3.0 Release Party with Rob Conery

What? You thought SubSonic was dead! Well, crack open a beer and join the party – the SubSonic 3.0 Release Party!  That’s right. It is finally here and Rob Conery (Herding Code’s first repeat guest) gets a little rowdy announcing the new features.  Listen in as Rob speaks of SubSonic, the new role he’s playing at Microsoft, why he’s given up on Twitter and why Kevin Dente deserves to be roasted.  Does Rob completely derail the show?  Find out this week on Herding Code.

  • Jon kicks off the show asking Rob for some clarity on his job at Microsoft. Rob refuses to answer the question and unveils his plan to completely derail the podcast.  This leads into the first ever Kevin Dente Roast.
  • After things settle down, Rob announces SubSonic 3.0 and the “technical part of the podcast” is initiated.
  • Rob talks to SubSonic details – specifically, ActiveRecord, REST Handler, Linq engine, SimpleRepository, templating system, the use of the iQueryable Toolkit, the new docs site, and auto migrations.
  • “What’s so difficult about building a freakin’ expression parser?”  Rob states that coding is hard and the fact that LINQ leaves him a little afraid. He then speaks a little Mandarin and speaks of going shopping.
  • Jon and Rob have a discussion about the use of ORMs and performance concerns.  Rob states No one ever got fired for using Microsoft and adds a quick comment about SubSonic’s failed acquision of NHibernate
  • Scott K asks what it is like to write your own provider for SubSonic and notes that a SQL Data Service provider would allow one to scale to the cloud.
  • The guys field listener questions from Jeff Atwood (“Why is SQL so awesome?”) and Chip Cray (“How has your view of DDD changed since you started the StoreFront?”)
  • The conversation comes full circle with Jon asking Rob (again) about his job at Microsoft and if he’s paid to work on SubSonic.

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Herding Code 53: SubSonic 3.0 Release Party with Rob Conery


Show notes compiled by Ben Griswold. Thanks!