Herding Code 52: The Alan Stevens and G. Andrew Duthie Debate Continues!

In this corner, Microsoft Developer Evangelist and author, G. Andrew Duthie. In the other corner, C# MVP, ASP Insider and Open Space Technology facilitator, Alan Stevens. This week, G. Andrew Duthie and Alan Stevens bring their recent “Real Software Development vs Microsoft Bubble Development” Twitter debate to Herding Code. It’s all the open and honest, fun-loving, snarky banter without the 140 character limit.

  • Kevin kicks off the show by announcing our two fighters. Ding. Ding.
  • Alan throws the first punch – He likes Herding Code because it’s about real software development rather than development in the Microsoft bubble.  It’s about the tool users rather than the tool builders and it’s about honest feedback.
  • Andrew jabs back – He likes the stories from the trenches but he feels more credit must be given to the folks at Microsoft who are doing the right thing. In other words, don’t always assume the worst and snark about it.
  • Scott K keeps both fighters on their toes – First taking jabs at Alan because some DevDiv developers dogfood Microsoft’s stuff (e.g. Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0) and then lands a sucker punch on Andrew noting Entity Framework is developing in the dark.  Who could have seen that punch coming?
  • The fight continues with talk about general disgust in drag and drop demos, the role of the Developer Evangelist, Microsoft’s goals and constraints, and the need for candid feedback.
  • If you missed the Twitter exchange, you will definitely want to listen in as The Alan Stevens vs G. Andrew Duthie Debate continues this week on Herding Code.

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Note: Ward Bell transcribed a part of the discussion on drag’n’drop demos here.

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Herding Code 52: The Alan Stevens and G. Andrew Duthie Debate Continues


Show notes compiled by Ben Griswold. Thanks!