Herding Code 69: Scott Bellware on HTML Specialists

This week on Herding Code, Scott Bellware returns to talk about . 

  • Scott talks about the frustrations in working with “HTML Specialists”
  • Scott discusses the team issues caused by specialists in a software team who aren’t in touch with the entire product development cycle
  • The problem with handoffs: loss of workability
  • Eventually, things turn to the technology issue involved in working with HTML and CSS
  • Are HTML tables necessarily evil
  • Scott and Scott K discuss whether CSS purity is a premature optimization
  • Jon and Scott discuss whether clean markup can be deferred until the end of a project
  • Scott talks about the lunacy of delivering design work as “final”
  • Scott talks about how optimization fights with workability
  • Scott enumerates some of examples of websites which might not benefit from accessibility
  • Jon posits that tables might not be easier than CSS design, it’s just what we learned first
  • Scott K talks about how CSS floats drive him nuts
  • Scott talks about how crazy CSS is when viewed as a programming language
  • K Scott talks about some technological workarounds like lesscss
  • Scott talks about how he doesn’t see Silverlight as an improvement, because it brings along a lot of other challenges
  • Scott talks about how working in teams and in “small batches” solves the problems with handoffs
  • Scott talks about the joy of a January 1st project date

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Herding Code 69 – Scott Bellware on HTML Specialists