This week on Herding Code, we talk to Sean Chambers about migrations in .NET with Fluent Migrator.

  • Sean talks about how Fluent Migrator originated from Migrator.NET
  • Sean discusses how the benefits of a semantic model in Fluent Migrator
  • K Scott and Sean discuss how you’d start using Fluent Migrator in a project
  • Sean talks about some useful features, like InsertData\
  • Jon asks about support for different databases
  • Scott K asks about the benefits of a migration framework over a simple directory of T-SQL scripts
  • We take a question from Aaron Lerch (@aaronlerch) on Twitter about how Fluent Migrator would work with Fluent NHibernate
  • Kevin asks about Schema Update
  • Kevin and Sean talk about possible inefficiencies with objects being added, changed, and removed in successive migrations
  • K Scott asks about extensibility hooks
  • Scott K asks about stored procedures, functions, user defined types, etc.
  • Jon asks about how Fluent Migrator relates to other .NET migration frameworks
  • We take a question from Aaron Jensen (@aaronjensen) on Twitter about the benefits of a migration framework since T-SQL is already a DSL
  • Lightning round: K Scott starts the lightning round by asking what refactoring operations everyone uses most
  • Lightning round: What’s your favorite VM software? (spoiler: VirtualBox wins by a wide margin)
  • Lightning round: What’s your favorite movie that involves an android?

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Herding Code 70 – Sean Chambers on Migrations in .NET

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