Herding Code 76: John Sheehan on RestSharp

This week on Herding Code, John Sheehan joins the cast for a conversation about his open source project, RestSharp. The gang dives into REST and .NET open source. Makes sense, right? And the show wraps with talk of OData and a MIX10-inspired Lightning Round.

  • John talks about his exciting new evangelist job at Twilio. Twillo provides a web-service API for businesses to build scalable, reliable communication apps. Wait! The evangelist is going to tell you all about it.
  • The guys quiz John about RestSharp. John talks about what RestSharp has to offer and the direction of the project. 
  • The gangs talk about the oddities of .NET open source project development – forking, closing source, project naming, boredom and a plea for project takeover.
  • Jon leads the group into dangerous territory and forces an OData discussion. Is OData good? Is it REST?  Hear what the guys have to say. 
  • K Scott dazzles us with a power-packed Lightning Round.  Don’t step away for a second or you’ll miss it!  Just like lightning.
  • John kicks off our first Official Pimp Your Stuff segment talking about ManagedAssembly – a community for .NET developers which is poised to be taken over.  Just ask.  Please.

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Show notes compiled by Ben Griswold. Thanks!

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Herding Code 76: John Sheehan on RestSharp