In this episode, the guys talk with Remco Mulder (author of NCrunch) and Jeff Schumacher (author of Giles) about continuous testing in .NET.

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Herding Code 135: Remco Mulder and Jeff Schumacher on Continuous Testing

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Show Notes:

  • Scott K kicks things off with a horrible old school BASIC joke.
  • Remco explains how NCrunch got started because he was living under a rock.
  • Jeff explains how Giles got started by finding AutoTest and seeing it not maintained (in reality it was).
  • Remco talks about the number of test frameworks.
  • Jon asks Remco about adding MSTest support – Remco groans about how difficult MSTest was to integrate with NCrunch.
  • Jeff mentions that xUnit’s test runner is complete for backward compatibility.
  • Jeff talks about Machine Specs and avoiding versioning hell with Impromptu Interface.
  • Jon asks about each library’s approach to Continuous Testing and to explain it to a laymen.
  • Rem explains what Continuous Testing is in relation to NCrunch.
  • Scott comments on a "strange situation" of testing compiled code creates slow tests and asks about any shortcuts Rem or Jeff have taken.
  • Jon comments how NCruch & Giles gives immediate feedback as he’s coding.
  • Jeff mentions that Giles has the ability to filter tests so that you only see what you want to see.
  • Remco explains how NCrunch attempts to determine impact to order how tests are run so the most pertinent tests run first.
  • Jon gives his quick history of the testing feedback cycle: separate project phase, then repository check-in step with continuous integration, local test runers, and now tests running as we write the code. Are we done? Where can we go from here?
  • Jeff comments about how Continuous Testing is like the red squiggly for code problems.
  • Scott asks about alternative language support for NCrunch and Giles.
  • Remco mentions that has a Selenium "cluster" to continuously run UI tests.
  • Remco talks about Visual Studio integration for NCrunch.
  • Jeff talks about a branch that supports Mono.
  • Jon talks about Roslyn, and Scott K reminds us that Mono was doing compiler as a service long ago – 2008?
  • Remco jokes about clippy.
  • Jeff talks about Continuous testing and Pair Programming.
  • Jeff wanted to get to the point where he didn’t think about the tooling but only the tests and the code.
  • Jeff talks about Visual Studio magazine and an article about Continuous Testing.
  • Jon comments how easy NCrunch is able to setup and get going.
  • Remco wants to make Continuous testing really really easy to get people to start using it.
  • Jeff recommends looking at all the different continuous testing options, mentioning Greg Young’s Mighty Moose.

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Show notes by Ben Dornis. Thanks!