In this episode, the guys talk to Tim Clem, Paul Betts and Phil Haack about GitHub for Windows.

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Herding Code 144 – GitHub for Windows with Tim Clem, Paul Betts and Phil Haack

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Show Notes:

  • The guys start off talking about why there is a need for GitHub for Windows.
  • Kevin asks if GitHub for Windows can be used as a client for other Git hosts.
  • Kevin asks for an overview of GitHub for Windows and if it is similar to GitHub for Mac.
  • Jon asks what they did to make the install process so smooth.
  • K. Scott asks what technologies were used to build it.
  • Scott asks about the features that GitHub has that are missing from GitHub for Windows.
  • The guys discuss the decision to use WPF, which leads into a discussion about developer and designer interaction.
  • The guys talk about Metro UI.
  • Jon asks about the install and update process.
  • Kevin asks Phil about his transition from web development to desktop development.
  • Jon asks about the different OSS libraries and frameworks used to build it.
  • Kevin asks about unit and integration testing.
  • Kevin asks if they dogfooded GitHub for Windows.
  • The guys talk about line endings.
  • Kevin asks about Linus Torvalds’ recent comments about GitHub.

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